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About SWOW

Emerging technology innovations are creating change in the educational system.  As educators, we have more techno​logy resources and tools at our fingertips then ever before.  These tools can be used to enhance education and creativity among all of our stakeholders as teachers and learners.

The Schools Without Walls team believes that relevant learning can happen any where and at any time.   Today's educator is expected to embrace new technologies that allow for creativity and innovation to maximize learning opportunities and engagement at all levels of education. 

By integrating the latest emerging innovative technologies, we can promote creativity with our students and teachers.  We can provide relevant learning opportunities and implement the best educational technology integration strategies to better prepare our students for the real world.

Today, we are more connected than ever before and as educators we must utilize these connections or we will miss valuable opportunities to capture “teachable moments.”  Innovations and connections will break down learning barriers by allowing our students, parents and educators to learn new things that will improve their lives and futures.

The mission of Schools Without Walls (SWOW) is to provide quality professional development opportunities for 21st Century teachers and learners.

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